It's important to use the right words. It may be imperceptible, but it does matter to us. We've simplified everything-branding. Below, in our Branding Glossary, you will find our explanation of branding terms that are free of jargon and full of ingenuity.


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A phrase, descriptor, or a sentence, that is used with a Brand Name. A Tagline (if not a descriptor) communicates a brand’s promise and stems from Brand’s Proposition. Also check: Slogan

Target Group

A specific market (formed by a pre-defined segmentation of customers) that is targeted by a marketer for selling its goods and services. We urge you to refer to this as Benefit Group, if you think your products / services make a difference. Also check: Benefit Group

Top-of-mind Awareness

The brand that comes to a customer's mind first when given a category. When we say ‘shoes’, what brand comes to your mind?


A point where a brand interacts with a customer / employee / non-customer (also referred to as moment of truth or point of contact). This interaction, experience can be before, during or after a transaction.

Trademark (TM)

A name, symbol, sound, phrase, design, or other intellectual property that is protected by a brand for its exclusive use and aids in recognition.

Triangle Sensory Test

This is a discrimination test where respondents are presented with three products, of which two are same. Using one’s senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound- respondents have to recognise the unique product.


Typography is the technique of forming and placing fonts and defining type styles for brand communication.