It's important to use the right words. It may be imperceptible, but it does matter to us. We've simplified everything-branding. Below, in our Branding Glossary, you will find our explanation of branding terms that are free of jargon and full of ingenuity.


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Value Proposition

This is intangible value received by purchasing a brand. Value Proposition may not be unique to a brand. Two brands can promise to deliver the same value. The amount of value delivered by their offerings, however, may be different.

Verbal Identity

A brand name and other verbal elements like the tagline, jingle, word mark etc that reflect a brand’s promise / proposition.

Viral Marketing

Use of the internet to reach out to more prospective customers and communicate about brand’s promise and experience.


A company’s Vision is its long-term goal that defines the direction of the company in the future. At Yellow Fishes, we think that vision statements have become boring, uninspiring and a thing of the past, as they don’t compel the employees. Therefore, by means of our Brand Anchor Model, we articulate what brands truly stand for and why it exists. Also check: Brand Anchor Model.

Visual Identity

All the visual elements of a brand, such as a logo, symbol, icon, colours, mascot etc. that serve as recognisable elements and reflect brand’s promise / proposition.