It's important to use the right words. It may be imperceptible, but it does matter to us. We've simplified everything-branding. Below, in our Branding Glossary, you will find our explanation of branding terms that are free of jargon and full of ingenuity.


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Sales Analysis

Measuring sales achievement against the goals defined for the period.

Secondary Customer

A customer that is outside (above or below) the psychographic benefit group defined for a brand. At Yellow Fishes, we believe that the insight we receive from secondary customer is far richer compared to the insight received from primary customer.

Secondary Packaging

An outer carton, box or sleeve of a packaged product.


Semantics is a specialised study where the relation between signs, symbols, words and phrases with its meaning is understood.


A phrase, construction of sentence using words that is used for commercial, social or political campaign. This is different from a tagline. Slogans come from temporary positioning. Tag lines are derived from proposition.

Sonic Branding

Use of music, sound or tune, that is created for a brand’s recognition and is part of brand identity.


Individual brand that is linked to the master brand with similar values. Also check: Brand Architecture


When alternate product / service satisfies the customer in equal or greater terms as compared to the other product, it qualifies as a substitute.

Supply chain management (SCM)

The continual process of procuring the raw materials from right vendors, processing them by enhancing its value, converting them into usable end products and dispatching them to right destinations.


Acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Whilst strengths and weaknesses are something that can be enhanced / leveraged / improved by the company, the Opportunities and Threats are external factors, and cannot be controlled by the company.