Branding is an Art, a Science; and everything in between.



We believe every Brand is unique and thus, our Approach to building a Technology Brand is different from building a Food Brand. We classify Brands in 4 broad types. We care deeply to classify your Brand into one of these types.

Our Approach to Brand Building is not engineered, but personalised.


Setting a new convention

Following the basic thumb rule of Demographic Segmentation doesn’t always give good insights. Thus, we segment the customers by their mindsets, as Psychographic Understanding cuts through Socio-Economic Classification.


StartING WITH Brand values

Brands must be built inside-out, and not outside-in. Therefore, what your competition is doing isn’t nearly as important as identifying what you are best at. Brand Values must be the linchpin for Marketing. Furthermore, for Brand Creation, Brand Rejuvenation or just maintenance, understanding of Brand Values is imperative.


Brand Loyalty Module

We believe that Brand Loyalty is stronger if the Brand clearly articulates & expresses its Emotional Benefits. We build Brands that are Aspirational with high Emotional Value; so it's desirable, commanding strong loyalty.