It's important to use the right words. It may be imperceptible, but it does matter to us. We've simplified everything-branding. Below, in our Branding Glossary, you will find our explanation of branding terms that are free of jargon and full of ingenuity.


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Early Adopters

A set of customers who purchase a new product / service soon after its launch.


The measure of a brand’s stretch from one product / service category to the other, OR from one price point to the other within one product / service category.

Elevator Pitch

A very brief and concise description of your brand’s purpose that communicates why it exists, what it does, and how.

Emotional Benefit

Benefits communicated by a brand that emotionally connects with its customers. This benefit talk to the limbic brain.

Eponymous name

A brand name that is created around name of a person, real or fictional.

Esoteric Name

A name that has meaning, often understood by a small group of people.

Evocative Name

A brand name that evokes feelings and emotions about its brand.

Exclusion Zone

An area or space that is maintained as clear space around a logo.

Experiential Name

A brand or company name that describes the experience of using the product or engaging with the company. These names are different from descriptive names.


A new product or service offered under the existing parent brand name that leverages its existing equity.