Sharpening Brands using our proprietary Branding Tools

From Naming your Brand, Identifying its Core to defining the Brand Portfolio - each of these smart tools help enhance Brand Value by making your Brand strong and desirable.

The Brand Anchor Model


The Brand Anchor Model is our Proprietary Brand Strategy Tool that helps identify & define your Brand's Core (also known as Brand Proposition or Brand Essence) and its Values. The Brand Anchor Model requires us to study Ten important attributes of your brand. Ultimately, your Brand’s Core should articulate the Purpose of your Brand. Write to us and we'll help you identify your Brand Core.

Let's Go Fishing NAMING MODULE


This is a marvel crafted for Naming your new Brand, sub-brand or product/service. It is a modular tool used collaboratively in an inclusive Naming Workshop or within our team. We believe that having right name for your Brand ensures right Brand Associations.

The Brand Meridian Model


This ingenious tool is built to solve the most complicated Portfolio Misalignments and bring order to complexity. If you have multiple Brands, or are thinking of adding a new Brand to your Portfolio - this Brand Architecture Tool can help you strategically reach the best solution. Learn more about The Brand Meridian Model by writing to us.