Brand strategy is the key to effective marketing.

Branding defines. Marketing communicates.

Branding preceeds all Marketing and Communication. Infact, defining a Brand should be the first step in any Marketing strategy. To define a Brand, a Branding Agency needs to study and understand the Market Dynamics, Category Trends and Consumer Behaviour. Once the Agency is acquainted with the Dynamics, the next step is Analysis of the Data and closer look at the Competition to see what they are doing best and what are the learnings. Brand Positioning is not about identifying an empty spot in the Market and pitching in the Brand there, it’s about owning one-something that your Brand can stand for and leveraging that. The next step is translating the Brand Positioning and Proposition into Visual Language and Verbal Language of the Brand. Hereafter, it’s a two-pronged Approach. One is to maintain Consistency in Visual and Verbal Languages (for Recall and Recognition) and the Second is to create enough Variations in Visual and Verbal languages so there is no monotony in the Marketing of your Brand.