Do you need a Branding Agency?

You may wonder why does your company need a Branding Agency? You are doing just about fine, or better you could be surpassing expectations. So, why fix something when it is not broken? You shouldn’t. But, remember Branding is as much about building as it is about fixing.

You may be wondering that you have an in-house Design team or a pool of freelancers who can do a fair job, so why hire a Branding Agency? Well, Design is not a commodity, nor is Branding done on whims. Brands are built on Promises and Experiences (the whole wide world of Branding can be deciphered in these two words)- you need to Identify what your Brand is Promising to its Customers or what it can/should Promise and then translate that Promise Visually and Verbally into Brand Experiences across touchpoints.

A Branding Agency understands your Customers better. You may have Marketing mavericks who are well travelled and have multifarious background but they are in most cases restricted by their own views of Marketing Strategy and Aesthetics. Branding Agencies specialise in defining the Core of your Brand and translating them into Brand touchpoints. A Branding Agency sees your Brand in ensemble, beyond a deliverable like Identity Design, Positioning, Communication Design or Verbal Identity.

You must talk to a Branding Agency about your company’s Branding if:

1. Your company is an SME and have big Aspirations

2. Your BHAG is daunting

3. You want to grow your Market or Market Share

4. You want to build a stronger Brand

5. You have a superior Product or Service but your Customers don’t know about it

6. You're growing and want to perceived differently

7. The vision of the Brand has evolved and matured

8. You have just started your business, or starting up

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