Aspirations - A rickshaw driver's perspective


‘Itna Suit pehenke college jana jaruri hai kya? (Is it compulsory to wear a suit to college?)’ In this torrid weather, that was the first question he asked. Here, I was trying to prepare for my presentation when he asked this ‘irrelevant’ question. I was about to lose it! But with some patience and with a tinge of arrogance, I replied, ‘Khwab bade ho toh sab karna padta hai! (If dreams are big then you need to put in extra effort)’ He smiled. Smiled? The smile intrigued me! It suggested that I was not the only one with the dreams. I was not the only one with aspirations. And as always, curiosity got better of me! I asked if he had aspirations in life. What followed was an eye opener. ‘Aspirations…’ He began speaking in English. My thoughts raced in all directions - what aspirations could he have? What could possibly be his goal? ‘TOO CASUAL’ he said. Jolted back to reality, I started hearing. ‘That is how I led my life, relaxed at every major event. Sometimes unfortunate but more ignorant!’ Not the same old story, I thought. Life is unjust – Another sob story of a cribbing man.

Nodding along just to get done with the conversation, I showed not so keen interest. ‘I work hard every day’, he continued. ‘For my child’s education and his ambitions. Aspirations and dreams. My child’s dreams. His dreams are big, they drive me! His passion, his stubbornness to achieve his dreams pushes me every day.’ He stopped speaking.

This time with a wider smile on his face. The smile was of content. We parted. The entire episode being played time and again. The sheer audacity of his dreams. Begged but asked the very question that kept me pondering… The fire to go on and work hard to achieve a dream, if his ‘son’ is his source. Then, WHERE DOES MY ‘SUN’ LIE?

Article contributed by - Aditya Deole, Marketing Team, Yellow Fishes