Emotional Benefit - Emotion is energy in motion


"I was the vice-president at PepsiCo. What reason would I have to leave a very sustained and highly paid job to join a company of nerds selling computer? But he said to me and said it looking deep into my eyes - 'Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life or want a chance to CHANGE THE WORLD?' I could not resist.", said John Sculley.

What was he (Steve Jobs, of course) doing? Selling an offer to Sculley to join Apple? But do you see him mentioning the monetary gains or rational benefits or the level of control he would enjoy at Apple? No. He used sentiment, an emotion, a feeling of greatness or being unique because he (Sculley) was granted an opportunity to change the world, influence perceptions and create better experiences. What Sculley couldn't resist was the Emotional Benefit, and not a Rational Gain.


Every Brand, Product or Service, has its own set of Emotional Benefits and Rational Benefits. But do they leverage? Let's look at a few Brands that do it smartly.


1. A Product Brand A sports Brand that never talks about quality and functionality of its products and yet continues to influence buyers across the world only through the stories of Heroism. Nike. But now, it is expanding the scope of heroism and is concentrating more on defeating the villains inside you like laziness, fatigue etc. Nike passes on these strong ripples to their consumers so much that even owning a pair of shoes is in itself a motivation to stick to their fitness goals. Advertising slogans like - "Run Faster", "If you didn't lose your conscious in the end, then you could run faster" or the advertisement with the monologue of a runner trying to fight his demon called fatigue - talks about their attention to consumer emotions.


2. A Service Brand In the current Airline Industry Scenario, where everyone is talking about low fares, punctuality, hospitality and on-board entertainment, British Airways stands out with their emotion driven communication. 'A ticket to visit mum': A warm heart-touching story of a mother longing see her son who is studying abroad and how British Airways helps to reunite them. They always talk about what kind of emotional or spiritual give-and-take experience it is to connect people. They seldom mention about strategic rationality they are capable of bringing to our flying experience.

Brands that make their way into your subconscious are a combination of Rational AND Emotional Benefits. That subliminal connection leads to loyalty for a Brand. It is analogous to our Human relationships and bonds.

Does that mean low priced Brands or Mass Retail Brands don't have any Emotional Benefits? No. All products and services can have strong Emotional Pull – it just needs to be recognized by the Brand Managers and Consumers. An inexpensive pen has several Rational Benefits like smooth nib, long lasting and non-blotting ink, but it still has one strong emotional benefit. Well here it comes, 'Even if I lose it, I would not worry or regret.'

'Emotion is the Energy in Motion' as Peter McWilliams said. So, pay attention to your Consumer's Emotions and harness the Energy.

Article contributed by - Himali Jangam, Marketing Team, Yellow Fishes