4 Questions that will make you rethink your brand strategy


Your Brand Promise is the singular strong idea that your customers and employees can relate to. In the most ideal scenario, your established Brand Promise should connect meaningfully to all your stakeholders. Brand Promise needn’t be articulated in words; it should be your way of business, delivered at every Brand touchpoint.


If you feel your Brand Strategy is on the mark, think again. Try answering these 4 questions.

1. Do you think your Brand evokes Emotions at every touchpoint?

Just the ‘right emotions’.

2. Do you know why your employees are working for you?

Doing good business and earning profits is fine. But that’s not the end goal.

3. Do you think your Identity communicates your Brand Promise effectively?

Brand Identity encompasses everything - all Visual and Verbal touchpoints.

4. Do you know why your customers come back to you?

It’s important for you to determine what’s the sticky factor of your brand.


If you have answers to all of the above, then your Brand Strategy is on the mark.

But, if your brand needs a North Star and a guiding force - then its time for you to invest in Brand Strategy. Your Brand Strategy will help you define what you truly stand for.


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