What does it take to be an entrepreneur?


"Everyone can be an entrepreneur. But very few truly are.”

To be an entrepreneur you need not have: - Money - Place to set up your office - A large team - Enough job experience Surprised? Don’t be.


If not these, then what do you need to be an entrepreneur?

1. You need courage. And you must be full of courage. You should be willing to hustle every day of the year. Period.

2. Self-Motivation & Perseverance. No matter what the world thinks about your business- if you love it, keep going.

3. Trust your gut. This is a big one. Your gut will talk to you often - listen to it and act wisely. If you feel butterflies at 3AM just fantasising about your business - you will succeed.

4. Adaptability & Flexibility. Be willing to adapt. Be agile. Don’t overthink. If you make a mistake, accept and move to the second best alternative. You will hit quite a few walls in your entrepreneurial career, and its okay. Everyone does. Don’t be bogged down. Keep moving. Hustle. and lastly,


“Don’t be afraid to start small. Every great company was once small, confined within a room."