Brand Association - Why do we associate with a Brand?


When you interact with products, be it your morning coffee to what phone are you using, how do you feel about it? You walk into a Starbucks for coffee or own an iPhone is because you want to be associated with these Brands. They make you feel in a certain way. You trust them and its image appeals to you, it matches or exceeds your expectations and it doesn’t let you down.

Brand Association refers to particular impressions a Consumer has about the Brand. These impressions are imprinted by the marketers in our minds using associations that are memorable and strong. This helps one Brand differentiate from other competing Brands. To my mind, Samsung has a stronger association with colour Blue, even stronger than Microsoft. These associations take shape over a period of time by all forms of communication like Advertising, Promotions, and more. It is the Brand Image that differentiates one Brand from another in the eyes of the Consumer. Brand Image is the overall impression in Consumer’s mind that is formed from various associations. Brand Association is not a factor of Sales or Market Share, but it sure is a factor of memorability or Brand Recall, like they say. For example, some feel Apple's MacBook is a better brand as it exceeds expectations. On the other hand, some feel Samsung is a better Brand as it is simple and affordable. They both appeal to different mindsets. And appropriate Associations are pushed by the Brands to appeal to right Benefit Groups. While both the Brands appeal best to its Consumer Classes equally- which is a better Brand remains debatable. When a Consumer buys a Product or a Service, s/he is not only paying for the Product or Service but is also paying for the Brand Image and how s/he associates her/himself with the Brand.

I associate with Burberry Body perfume as it gives me the sense of exclusivity and it carries an elite image. The fragrance is just different from any regular one. May be its just my perception. But, I feel so.

Ask yourself, why do you associate with your favourite Brand?

Article contributed by - Ashni Shah, Marketing Team, Yellow Fishes