Brand Name: That Thing

Sector: Fashion & Retail

Brand Reach: India



Brand Identity Design
Brand Visual Expression

We partnered with That Thing, a quirky Indian startup brand that is known for its funky accessories and gift products. Their product designs are new-generation & evocative; strongly appealing to the millennials. The Brand Name is clever and relatable, intrinsically carrying high recall value. It's a name that will always sit on your tongue.

From a simple product like a bookmark, to the umbrella - That Thing offers its customers unique ways to express their personality and announce their individuality. The Logo Design reflects that in signature style.

Yellow Fishes Best Branding Agency Mumbai Brand Strategy & Identity Design Agency Thathing logo design startup branding
Yellow-Fishes-Best -Branding-Agency-in-Mumbai-India-Brand-Identity-Design-for-a-Startup-in-India-YF-That-Thing-Quirky-Gifts-India-Logo-detail-design

The Brand Identity is playful and vibrant, making the logo dynamic across touch points.

Yellow-Fishes-Best -Branding-Agency-in-Mumbai-India-Brand-Identity-Design-for-a-Startup-in-India-YF-That-Thing-Quirky Gifts-India-Logo-Design-Brand-Logo-Dynamic-Logo-Design
Yellow-Fishes-Best-Branding-Agency-in-Mumbai-India-Brand-Identity-Design-for-a-Startup-in-India-YF-That-Thing-Quirky Gifts-India- Branding-Colour-Palette
Yellow-Fishes-Best -Branding-Agency-in-Mumbai-India-Brand-Identity-Design-for-a-Startup-in-India-YF-That-Thing-Quirky Gifts-India-Product-Design

That Thing is another example of how Modern Branding is not only about placing the logo at all touch points, but a very deliberate, cohesive amalgamation of strategy and design.

Client Testimonial:

"Yellow Fishes is an absolute delight to work with. We loved the way they shaped our brand, giving it the classy yet quirky look. Keep the awesome work going guys! Big Thanks."

Nupur Agrawal
Founder – That Thing


Fashion & Retail // Brand Rejuvenation

Packaged Food & Beverages // Brand Creation