Brand Name: Poetry

Sector: Hotels & Restaurants

Brand Reach: India



Brand Identity Design
Brand Visual Expression
Communication Design
Packaging Design
Environment Design
Delivery Design
Ongoing Brand Building Support

Love & Cheesecake, an established pâtisserie in Mumbai partnered with us to help them establish a new romantic Bistro brand. Exceptional food and service formed the baseline for the brand. The visionaries behind the brand, had a profound respect for great food and the craft of cooking. 

Drawing on initial discussions, brainstorming and customer interactions, we determined the Brand Personality as happy, chic, personal, romantic and minimal. Poetry, the name chosen for the Bistro implied the unique symphony of their food and passion behind it - whilst perfectly befitting its personality. 

The name allowed the creative team to design a logo that was poetic and romantic in creative rendition. Both the name and the logo are highly evocative and lends high recall value.


The Brand Identity developed is strong, multi-dimensional expression that communicates its speciality in premium, artisanal desserts and also nouvelle European cuisine - delicate & light, characterised by artful presentation.


The Brand Vocabulary of pastel tones and soft nature elements like leaf, birdie and butterfly make Poetry a magical brand. The illustrations are intricate, artful, and intriguing.


These elements of Brand Identity came to life across the interiors, menus, and packaging - adding warmth; making the guests feel at home.

Yellow-Fishes-Best-Branding-Agency-Mumbai-India-Restaurant-Branding-Cafe-Branding-Poetry-Branding-Mumbai-Menu design

Poetry is another example of how a great Brand Identity can accelerate the growth of your brand. Poetry opened its first Bistro at Bandra in 2016. Following the success of the first Bistro, the brand has now expanded to 3 more locations - Lower Parel, Kala Ghoda and Juhu.

Their growth story is a testament to the Brand's success.

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