Brand Name: 8 Food

Sector: Hotels & Restaurants

Brand Reach: India



Brand Proposition
Brand Visual Expression
Brand Storytelling (Tone of Voice)
Communication Design
Photography Direction
Packaging Design
Environment Design
Delivery Design
Ongoing Brand Building Support

Starting a new food brand in today’s competitive market is extremely challenging. One has to offer something truly unique and of the highest quality. Mumbai is a city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture, yet extremely exposed to western influences.

8 food is a unique “Gourmet food delivery” restaurant brand introduced by a Michelin star chef that brings in authentic London taste of delicious soups, rich salads and scrumptious sandwiches to the city of Mumbai. It’s the first of its kind in India to deliver Gourmet food at the convenience of office or home. What sets 8 food apart is their passion for good food, and thus we loved building this brand. During our analysis of this QSR brand, we observed their perfection in cutting the vegetable slices of the exact same size and their meticulousness during our several food tasting sessions where they would care about the excessive filling oozing out of a sandwich while consumption. This standard of quality is not seen often. And it takes a lot to maintain that standard. From preparation to delivery, the food has to stay good-looking and great-tasting.

Yellow Fishes is the strategic Brand Partner to 8 food. Our team has defined the unique Promise of this new brand. We started by doing an extensive Audit of the current Market Scenario, gained understanding of discerning customers and the dynamic Category. We used our Proprietary Brand Strategy Tool - 'The Brand Anchor Model' to define the Brand Proposition and its Values. After defining the Brand Proposition and Values, we did Semantic Analysis of ‘Gourmet’, and that gave us two clear directions –

1) Gourmet always has a lot of white space, and

2) There is rich contrast of colours.

These two insights became the underlying direction for Design Catalyst.


The Brand Strategy (Promise) was then manifested Verbally and Visually. We then moved forward to define Brand Tonality (storytelling/Tone of Voice) that is the backbone of Verbal Manifestation of the brand. Visual Design Strategy then brought alive the brand. The careful selection of words and purposeful creation of design style, together manifests the Brand Promise.


The Core Values and the Proposition was pinned around “Delivering Captivating Experience” and all brand touch points were created to manifest the same. The Packaging touch-point talks about the experience of food. Copy like- “International Souperstars” for soups; and “Salad days, Ahoy!” for salads communicate the quality of food. The pre-consumption touch points like paper bag states: “Dive on in, it’s time you ate” put forth the unique experience and spikes up anticipation. Post-consumption medium, like tissue paper says, “you missed a bit”, reminding the customers to come back.


The Delivery Design was created to Visually articulate the same Promise and enable the employees to live by the values of the brand.

Chic, European look and feel is given to the brand as it is getting ready to extend its services beyond delivery. The Rustic, Organic feel of the brand makes it relevant and contemporary whilst subtly expressing the class of 8 food. The brand currently enjoys scores of loyal customers and is set in the right direction.


Client Testimonial:

“Yellow Fishes has been a pleasure to work with. While working with them, we have found them to be a dedicated partner as well as consummate professionals from the very beginning. We have seen first hand their attention to detail, dedication and commitment to good work. They are also genuinely good people who we enjoy working with and trust. It would be apt to call them PARTNERS, than an agency, which is very important for a start up business like us.”

Zeenal Jhobalia
CEO - 8 food