Brand Name: Claro Clinic

Sector: Health & Beauty

Brand Reach: India



Competitive Analysis
Customer Profiling
Naming - Let's Go Fishing Module
Logo Design
Brand Identity Design
Communication Design
Brand Website UI Design
Ongoing Brand Building Support

The Dermatology Industry in India has been so far stuck between cosmetic centres and clinical centres - none of those were offering a holistic solution. So, we set out to change the category by building a sophisticated brand that truly understands dermatology and sits between clinical & cosmetic aesthetics.

Claro is a new Dermatology Clinic brand with proprietary treatments and state-of-the-art machinery that helps its clients have better appearance.

We used our proprietary Naming Module - Let’s Go Fishing to craft relevant names that communicate the Brand Personality. After exhaustive brainstorming sessions, and unbiased elimination process, we came down to best few names. From which, 'Claro' was the unanimous choice.


Claro means Bright & Clear - subtly expressing the Brand Promise to its client. A name that is relevant, easy to remember and high on recall.

Yellow Fishes Best Branding Agency in India Claro Clinic Branding Mumbai Naming Meaning of Claro

We created a strong yet succinct Brand Identity that is fresh, vibrant and impactful. It reflects Claro’s approach to dermatology. A logo that is bold, but not intimidating; colourful, yet pleasing.

Yellow Fishes Branding Agency Mumbai India Claro Clinic Logo Design - Best Logo Design Agency India

The symbol was constructed in Golden Ratio to make the brand identity symmetrical (akin to cosmetic dermatology).

Yellow Fishes - Best Branding Agency Mumbai India Logo Construction and Logo Reveal of Claro Clinic- golden-ratio-logo
Yellow Fishes Logo Design Agency Mumbai Branding of Claro Clinic Logo Symbol on Wall

Visual Identity System brought the brand to life across touch points - right from signage system to the stationery. The brand successfully launched its first clinic in Mumbai, India and a has started earning good client base. 

Yellow Fishes One of the best Branding Agencies in Mumbai Brand Identity Design Stationery Design Claro Clinic
Yellow Fishes Branding Agency Mumbai Claro Clinic Branding Wall Space Design
Yellow Fishes Claro Clinic Brand Identity Design Bag Design Stationery Design Branding Firm Mumbai India

Claro Clinic is another example of simplicity and timeless design; which is beautifully executed.

Client Testimonial:

“We would like to thank the entire team of Yellow Fishes for the incredible work done by them as the Branding Partner for Claro Clinic. The team’s experience, powerful blend of collaborative thinking, knowledge and creative insights has immensely helped us to capture the true essence & vision of Claro Clinic in elegant & iconic form that we are so proud of. They have managed to exceed our expectations at every step and I highly recommend Yellow Fishes to anyone seeking excellent high-quality branding services & advice. Huge pleasure to work with them.”

Dr. Avanti Trivedi
Founder & Chief Dermatologist – Claro Clinic