Brand Proposition

Brand Proposition is also known as Brand Core or Brand Essence. Simply put, it is what your Brand stands for and it lies at the Core of your Brand. What drives your customers to be associated with you, to be loyal to your Brand? What makes your employees come to work every day? If your organisation didn’t exist, would it have mattered? Why should anyone care?

Brand Proposition is the strategic framework that answers all of the above questions. It is a single, unified, strategic platform on which your Brand can thrive. And you may be surprised to know this, but the answers to above questions already exists, within your organisation. It lies at the perfect intersection of your beliefs, employees, customers and competition. We unearth it from within your business. Our rigorous process of defining your Brand's Proposition is powered by our unique tool, "The Brand Anchor Model," that establishes every aspect you’ll need to grow & manage your Brand.


We identify & define strong Brand Propositions that have two parts to it:

1) Brand Belief - Articulates the essential foundation of your Brand and why it exists.

2) Brand Promise - Articulated as a pledge to your customers, that drives behaviour of your employees and objectives of your business.

While discovering your Brand's Proposition, we also define values of your Brand that guide your day-to-day behaviour and interactions. Supporting Tone of Voice defines the Tone and Style of communication across touch points. The Tone and Manner used by the Brand greatly influences how it makes your audiences feel.


A robust Brand Strategy is like a huge puzzle game, where every element of the Brand greatly influences and informs other elements and have to work together in harmony. No whims. No fancies.