Types of Emotional Benefits



Let’s start with an experiment. Melt a Toblerone and mould it into a slab. Ask a friend to taste it and observe their reaction. Most probably your friend will throw it at you and will be disgusted for having such a terrible taste in chocolate. And you would agree with him after you taste it yourself. That pops a question in my mind.

How Toblerone makes its sales and how did they make it so big?
Answer - Emotional Benefits

It is the Emotional Connection that draws a customer to the Brand. Every decision in our lives is influenced partly by Functional and partly by Emotional Benefits. 


Let’s identify the myriad of Emotional Benefits that we receive from other Brands.

1. Recognition – Our lives revolve around it. Right from childhood, you start forming an Identity that you want to be seen as. Some Brands intentionally own a space in our minds, that inspire a feeling of ‘being recognized’.
Mercedes: I own Prestige.
Chanel: I am Expensive (only a handful can afford me).

2. Belongingness – We have our own trust circles. Our choices often reflect the school of thoughts we belong to. So do brands.
Apple: I belong to people who are cool and look beyond convention.
BMW: I belong to people who enjoy driving

3. Confidence – A definitive element of our personalities. It is about how we feel about ourselves, rather than how others feel about us.
Victoria’s Secret: My body ‘feels’ desirable.
Abercrombie & Fitch: I ‘feel’ sexy.

4. Individualism – In the Millennial age, it is not uncommon for individuals to be bold enough to express or explore. There are a few brands that harness these heroic emotions.
Louis Vuitton: I am indispensable.
Old Monk: I am not afraid to show who I am.

5. Nostalgia – Our memories are very precious to us. Few Brands reflect that through their Brand Identity.
Paper Boat: Indian packaged drink brands that play around childhood memories
Nintendo: Do you think Pokémon Go Smartphone Game would have been as successful without the nostalgic memory of Pokémon game we played decades ago?

Every brand needs an Emotional Benefit. It is the Emotion (limbic system) that commands the Rational Brain. While we may think of making Rational choices, we always need Emotional Connection with the Brands we choose. So what made you buy that Toblerone?

Article contributed by Himali Jangam, Marketing Team, Yellow Fishes