Design needs Attention to Detail


The other day we stepped out for office lunch and went to our favourite Pizza Restaurant nearby. While devouring our pizzas and coke, we started casual conversation about this interesting wall backdrop (pictured above). We were completely baffled to notice numerous Design mistakes coming from an International Pizza Brand. There are 9 things wrong with this backdrop and we'll list them all below.

1. The Image is horizontally flipped by the designer (god knows why). This is evident once you notice flipped RayBan on his sunglasses. That could have been easily removed.

2. The lips are unnaturally dark. See the eyebrows. Makes us wonder - is the person a man or a woman? What's your guess?

3. The jacket that 'he' is wearing was blue and has been coloured red. Poor photoshop.

4. The whiffs should actually come from the Pizza he is running with. Right now, it is coming from the left of image.

5. Pizza delivery guys don't wear hoodies. And for this Brand, certainly not.

6. 'PHD' phrase that is written on his arm is also flipped, this time vertically. WOW.

7. The Pizza that he is running with is not even packed in box. We respect creative visualisations, but we can't see Pizza brushing against his underarms. Ewww. Probably, they didn't get time to pack it and order needs to be delivered now.

8. Neither the colour Red, nor this hoodie is part of the uniform.

9. The Index finger is not holding the Pizza, but is above it. Bad photoshop guys!

We wonder - why is he not delivering pizza on his bike?