Classic Branding Mistakes to Avoid


Choosing your brand name the wrong way

A lot of new businesses are naming their companies based on the availability of domain names. No. No. No. You can’t choose your business name based on a .com domain. Select the best, most appropriate name for your business. One that reflects Value System & Personality of the company. Having a nice domain name is sure important, but you can always do permutation-combination there.

Starting with marketing, ignoring the need for branding

Very often people jump onto Marketing Execution as they want to get started with business. So, they begin with a clumsy Logo, a cheesy tagline, default system fonts and a basic Colour Palette. Seldom do they understand that at every touchpoint, their business is creating Brand Image. A sharp and relevant Brand Identity, done with the help of Branding Agency, will get more customer conversions per dollar spent on Marketing. Defining your Brand Strategy and Brand Identity will also help you determine key messages for the Brand.

Underestimating the power of branding

Branding is not beautiful Brochures or stellar Websites. It is neither pretty fonts nor an intriguing Logo. It is sum total of all these elements, whose look and feel is defined by what your Brand stands for. Define your Brand first.

Not being consistent

One of the most important attribute of Branding is consistency. Consistency commands trust. Learn to control your whims and fancies if you want to build a strong Brand. Once the Brand Personality and design style is defined, continue with it. The benefits you reap by staying consistent is very rewarding.

Going to an advertising agency for development of your brand

An Advertising Agency, in most cases have a limited view of Consumers and Competition. Almost all Ad Agencies operate with a general belief that a Brand has to do unique stuff to stand out. It is not always true and not needed at that stage. Moreover, the objective while building Brands is not disruption, but definition. Branding Agencies don’t think campaigns. They think long term, sustainable Brand Promise.

Resisting change

Very often businesses get complacent with their current numbers. Don’t stick with your Branding if it isn’t working. There is no thumb-rule here. You may need to Rebrand your business over and over until you get it right. Learn to judge your Branding with an open mind. Go out and ask your customers. Step into their shoes. See what can be bettered. Include those things in your brief.