Brand Name: Supreme Group

Sector: Manufacturing

Brand Reach: Asia & Europe



Brand Positioning
Communication Design
Ongoing Brand Building Support

Nowofilt, a Nonwoven Filtration brand of Supreme Nonwoven Industries, and a part of Supreme Group is India’s leading Industrial Filtration brand. In addition to leading the category with supreme products, the company is extremely passionate about their domain. This passion runs down to all their employees and it manifests in their behaviour. Their methodic and distinctive approach of serving clients beyond products has helped them earn the apex position. But over the years, as the competition got intense, Nowofilt needed more definition.


We gave a purposeful shift to the brand as it could promise and deliver “Environmental Sustainability.” The nature of Filtration products itself enables sustainability. This new Positioning makes the brand globally relevant. Series of Print Advertisements are created by us to propagate the change and effectively communicate the new positioning of the brand.

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