Brand Name: Dabroh

Sector: Food & Beverages

Brand Reach: India



Competitive Analysis
Brand Strategy
Brand Storytelling
Logo & Brand Identity Design
Packaging Design

Dabroh (Dabb-ro) is a new sub-brand of Rostaa (India’s largest Superfoods Brand) that will delight your taste buds with its very indulgent Jams, sinfully-rich Chocolate Spreads and upcoming range of products. While Rostaa’s DNA is Health & Taste; Dabroh promises to deliver rich, flavourful products. We helped articulate the Brand Promise while also defining its Visual and Verbal Identity.

The Logo Design draws inspiration from Rostaa’s Brand Identity, leveraging the existing equity of the parent brand. Smooth, continuous curves make the identity unique, while also being authentic and premium.


More Fruits. More Fun.

The exquisite range of Jams are finger-licking treat. They are rich in fruits (45% fruit content) - the best on the market. The packaging is vividly simple and gives a farm-fresh feel.


Drawing on initial consumer insights, we concluded that consumers don’t remember much from existing Jams Packaging on the market and this gave us an opportunity - to create something memorable. Dabroh packaging on transparent labels let the product itself be the hero - making it memorable for the customers. 

The packaging design, although simple, delivers a clear message with fun illustrations and playful fonts. The friendly typography system, subtle accents, and schematic messaging largely define the visual identity of the brand. 


Simplification doesn’t have to be generic or undifferentiated. The sheer simplicity of Dabroh Jams Packaging has proven to be appealing to the urban consumer in deeply meaningful ways. 

Dabroh-packaging-design-yellow-fishes-branding-agency-Consultancy-design-agency-mumbai-jams-best-packaging-design-logo-behind the scenes-bread-jam
Dabroh-packaging-design-yellow-fishes-branding-agency-Consultancy-design-agency-mumbai-jams-best-packaging-design-logo-behind the scenes.jpg

Spread love. Spread Chocolate.

The Packaging Design of sinfully-rich Chocolate Spreads reflects Belgian heritage and invites the customers to indulge.


Dabroh can be experienced across all Rostaa Retail stores or on commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Client Testimonial:

Working with Yellow Fishes has always been a satiating experience. We had already worked with them to rebrand Rostaa, our flagship brand with glowing results; so the decision to conceptualize Dabroh with them was a no brainer. 

They were diligent in getting to know the brand and in gaining a clear understanding of our vision. They then applied their creative magic, limitless energy and professional work ethic to help us achieve our branding goals. The experience was both enlightening and fun. This agency clearly knows their business… exceeding all expectations every step of the way.

Soumalya Biswas
Chief Operating Officer