Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture makes the portfolio easier to understand and allows equity transfer between several Brands. Brand Architecture is a very important part of the Brand Strategy, and you must consider it if you have more than one Brand in your portfolio, or planning to expand your business. Brand Architecture is imperative for your business expansions - new product / service development, mergers, acquisitions or even divestments.

We begin with the strong, strategic articulation of Brand Proposition of your business and then align all the sub-brands with the Core Philosophy of the Master brand. Defining the relationship between each sub-brand to the Master brand allows customers to understand your business better. We use our proprietary tool “The Brand Meridian Model” to define your Brand Architecture and grow your business. Our rigorous Process allows us to deep-dive in your business and understand the dynamics of your competition, employees and customers. This empowers us to craft stronger, more relevant Brand Architecture of your company.


Our Brand Architecture Strategy helps businesses to:

- Promote efficiency of business operations

- Facilitate easier management of Brand Portfolio by removing anomalies

- Effectively manage all products and services (sub-brands) while strengthening the Brand Equity

- Make better Brand-related decisions

- Clarify its offerings to the customers

As a full-service Branding Agency, we not only solve complex brand portfolio issues, but also create blue-print for your growth. We think in terms of Brand Equity and we believe that a good Brand Architecture Strategy increases your Brand’s Value, while making it strong and cohesive.


Some key questions we consider while creating your Brand Architecture Strategy:

- What sort of relationship will be most effective between sub-brands and Master brand?

- Which products and services should you extend, to which audiences and under what sub-brands?

- How should sub-brands relate to one another?

- What should sub-brands communicate about the Master brand?

- How strong is Master brand to anchor the sub-brands and how many levels of portfolio can it sustain?

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