Brand Naming

We craft names that are relevant, unique and endearing. All at the same time.

Great names stand out. And are memorable. They greatly influence the Brand Equity. While it may appear easy to craft names, it is not so simple. Naming is a detailed, strategic process. Yes, a bunch of people scribbling on sheets of paper can generate very creative names. But, naming a brand, product or service needs alignment with the Strategic Framework of the Brand. Therefore, before beginning your Naming Process, you must have sound Brand Strategy in place.

Your Brand Name and your Brand Strategy have to work together to communicate larger Brand Story. Names shouldn’t be overloaded with meaning. They should be simple, effective and memorable.

See your Brand Name as a strategic investment that yields good returns. We’ve generated numerous Brand Names and helped businesses express themselves. “Let’s Go Fishing,” our Proprietary Naming Tool helps us name your businesses, products or services. It also enables us to create Nomenclature Systems for future extensions. Get the name that’s most appropriate for you.


Our Naming Services include:

- Corporate Brand Naming

- Product or Service Naming

- Variant or Flavour Naming

- Naming Research

- Naming Hierarchy