Convergence vs Divergence


Is technology bringing us together or drifting us apart?

When was the last time you checked your phone? And when was the last time you hugged your sibling? We are living in the information era, that is proliferating with new technologies more than ever. We now know what is happening in the lives of our friend-of-friend more than the lives of our cousin. Isn't that bizarre?

We think the technology is creating invisible boundaries of personal preferences, instead of knitting us together. We read our text messages more than the speed limits while driving. We are listening to the hashtags on social media more curiously than the brainstorming session we are at. What could be the reason for this irrational behaviour? Let's cut open this and understand the real impulses behind this.

1. Power

We all agree that internet is power in our hands. Phones and tablets are great tools to connect us with the world. Now, when someone says this is a 7 star hotel, you can choose not to believe it and a little bit of research will tell you the answer. We aren't dependant on what's being telecasted on the TV. We have our Netflix, Apple TV and Youtube. We aren't dependant on what's being aired on radio. We can listen to our favourite genre of music, whenever we like it- thanks to Internet radio. In a way, technology is enabling us to define our own rules. It is allowing us to consume content we like, generate the content we like and share when we like.

2. Recognition

This is not circa 1999 when only people who appreciated us were our parents and school teacher. Ah, wait one second. My phone just popped an Instagram notification... Okay, so as it turns out, a follower just liked and commented on a post saying 'he loved it'. You see, this is called instant gratification. When you push out value, the world will appreciate and recognise you. And, we see the same on all social platforms.

3. The need to appear busy

Phones, tablets and now smart watches too are great 'personal tools for distraction'. We can take a phone call or make one, and escape a discussion we don't want to be part of. We see notifications popping all around us. How can one be perceived so free in life? While everyone is into their phones, let me also check my stream.

4. Social animal

We are social creatures and we depend on one another for everything. We make new connections everyday. But, you know there is nothing that feels better than connecting with an old friend.

Okay, so all said and done. We are inattentive to people around us to make stronger connection with someone 3000 miles away. Perhaps, we are still going to be like this for the next century. If you see a pattern here , all the impulses to do so are because it makes two people feel good. We're going to give you a little advice here. Notifications in your phone can wait. Make the person in front of you feel good, now. Give your undivided attention to your clients, friends, and family. Ignore all the notifications, while you are with them. We bet they will feel good. They will feel special. Try it for yourself you will see them smiling.