Brand Tonality & Messaging (Tone of Voice)

It is the most underrated component of Brand Identity, but can be profoundly useful in building the right image and association. A Brand’s Tone of Voice is how the Brand speaks. The Tone and Manner helps personify the Brand and creates Emotional Connection with the customers.

A Brand that has an Authoritative Tone is considered serious and non-friendly. On the other hand, a Brand that has fun, joyous Tone to its messaging is considered amicable.

This may be highly ignored domain today. Large corporations have already started realising the importance of Brand’s Tonality and are communicating with set guidelines. Yellow Fishes defines the Brand’s Tonality in detail and we also give you set of words that you should and should not use for your communication. Just like every individual’s Tone and Manner, brands too should own a Tone of Voice. Imagine a situation, your friend is polite one day and turns into forceful, dominating personality the next day. Would you be able to trust such a friend? Businesses should be consistent at every touchpoint.

Consistency inspires trust.

Verbal Identity, along with Visual Brand Identity design together make the Brand cohesively recognisable.