Brand Identity Design

Your Visual Brand Identity, simply put is how your customers recognise and remember you. It is the some total of all Design Elements used by your Brand consistently. Brand Identity Design is relevant for all types of Brands - Product Brand, Service Brand, Corporate Brand or even a Social Welfare Brand. Your Logo is the most important part of your Brand Identity and is the strongest Visual Asset, with which most customers will recognise you. But, in order to make your business more recognisable you need more Visual Identifiers - thus Colours, Typography, Imagery Style, Graphical Motifs, Visual Expression and Tone of Voice, all come into play.

Being a full service Branding Strategy & Design Agency, Yellow Fishes integrates Strategic thinking into the creative process. The results are strong, cohesive Brand Identities that are unique and compelling. The more Visual Identifiers you have, the better it is for your Brand's Recognition and recall. Brand Identity is not mere art, it needs to emotionally connect with its audiences. There needs to be strategic thought and intent behind every Brand Identity.

Write to us and we’ll create an incredible Brand Identity for you.